Action Sampler : 1st Try Out

The problem with me is I'm always too lazy to get my action sampler camera out of the bag and start snapping photos. This roll of 36 exposure film has been in the Action Sampler for ages since I first bought it (that should be more than a year if you are wondering) because all these pictures were from our 2007 summer and autumn vacation.

Thanks to my nephew who had opened up the camera out of curiosity and exposing the film, so I decided before he managed to destroy everything it's better for me to sent to film roll to be scan instead (even though I haven't use all of the exposures). So here are the results.

Rome - Summer 2007
What are we running from?

Venice - Summer 2007
We were learning to fly

Cascais to Belem, Portugal
November 2007

So what did you think bout my first take? I think I'm quite happy with the results it has the vintage photos look that I love. On the other hand, apart of me is cursing my own self now after seeing all these...This is totally fun photography why hadn't I snap photos all this time with my action sampler?

p/s : I will be going to Singapore tomorrow to meet my love one
You guys have a great weekends yeah!!!
And don't forget to fast on Monday k?


  1. the photos are great!!!!!!!! :)
    seriously, they are!! ;)

    eh, if i balik msia, we def have to lepak together! as i dont have friends anymore. only u there. :)

  2. Hrmmmm yeay glad that somebody appreciates it...let's lepak then tho you are still not sure when you'll be home :(

    And I bring the action sampler along so we could take photos hehehehhe


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