Nuffnang Sharing Session by The Apartment : Photos in Lomo

If you are wondering why you didn't see any foods in here
It was because I had been fashionably late that night
So I missed the time when the foods are all still looking pretty on the table
Am so sorry about that
But hey better late than never

Anyway if you still insist on the foods story
You could always search in nuffnang innit for entries from other bloggers
All of which are cool bloggers I mat that night
Majority of them would have come up with a review of the session
By now
(I think)

All of these photos happened during the second session
i.e. The Truly said Sharing Session
Where bloggers were given chances to introduce themselves and their blog
Besides the chance to really get to know
The two famous Malaysian guest bloggers of The Day
i.e sultan muzaffar (SM) & redmummy(RM)

Among others they spoke about the success story of their blog
And of course their experience celebrating Ramadhan
This is The Sharing Session Story

RM looking red and beautiful

And the guys can't stop admiring her

SM and his speech

And we listened carefully to his tips

And I drank the bottomless apple juice cooler as we went on

Nuffnang Q & A session by Robb

The other three lucky blogger faces are below

Sorry if you can't find yours here
(I'm truly sorry guys)
But do excuse my camera pretty please
She's just being plastic you know?
So sometimes she couldn't cope with the dim lightings and distance
Which only results in all black images
But nevertheless still the coolest camera is mine
Btol tak?

Jannah & Firdauz

"Aku Betol" - That's What He Said

Firdauz again - Too bad I didn't do justice to his hair

Right and that was mostly about it anyway
I had fun meeting new people
And snapping photos as if I'm some kinda reporter
Tho' I'm not


  1. I have posted my second part!!

    do read yo!!

    and the pics looks great!! :D

    and ya, u didnt eat there? hw sad! :(

  2. hi allaboutsexyinBed =p

    i think it's firdauz

    fairuz is my elder brother

    ohhhh begitu rupanya gambar dari lomocamera.

    i always wondered how the pictures gonna look like, now i know

    thanks for sharing the pictures! i love them!

  3. [leo raj]

    I did had my portion of food, I was late when I arrived it was just few minutes before the azan hehehehe. And mengelupur carik tempat to sit down becoz everyone by then seems to have company sudah...hikkkkssss except me

    Glad that you love the photos :)and yeah will go and check on your post. No worries!


    U know the funny thing bout this? Yesterday I visited your blog and it is there and then your name. And then I saw it in redmummy blog as well.And when I first wrote the entry I used the correct name.

    This morning I saw in one of those blogs that refers to you as fairuz and I don't know why but I did went and corrected my entry...sengal!

    Only to get this comment from you...Heeeeee. I'm like that one. Ok la going to edit it again and so sorry k?

    I really love your hair tho' but too bad la I can't really captured it here :(

    p/s : heeee SEXYINBED? will ask my other half later what he think sexy ker tak hohohohoho. Wicked!

  4. OMG. lomo diana pluss hangging around = the best moment captured!


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