Sunday in Singapore : Red was Everywhere

I'm back and I know I'm supposed to share some story about Singapore
But my hands are full at the mo
So hopefully this pictures could fill you in with some ideas
Till then!

p/s : I Wish I'm one of those people in red nike shirt
They all look like very united indeed don't you think?

p/s/s : I'm actually more keen to share the photos from my Diana F+
but that have to wait as well


  1. lina... happy fasting! sorry if ada salah silap kay. bestnyer leh puasa kat mesia. bila lah my turn plak nak balik for good.

    cantiklah pics tuh! :D

  2. [Ina]

    Selamat menjalani bulan Ramadhan! Hehehehe ntah la I rasa biasa jer mbe sbb I'm alone here nothing special really.

    And glad that you love the photos!


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