Thursday Teppanyaki With The Girls

The first week of Ramadhan, I joined these girls
For an iftar session in Teppanyaki, One Utama
It was a brief session but my guess is everyone had fun
Chatting along and camwhoring and makan-makan
That are the most important things anyway
Right girls?!!!

Anyway the photos are so and so
I still hafta learn lotsa things about using the camera indoor

Muahssssss Darling!!!!
mr & mrs imran
Amazingly mrs imran your photo is the brightest of all
I think I know why...please read cue on the last photo

What happened when I put all of them together?
mrs imran - ary -tj
(This what happened when I got excited - menggelupur)
I totally forget to wind the film before taking the next shot
And only realizing it after exposing the same frame like four times

Gelap Gulita
me - ary - tj
(Each and every photos with TJ in it turned out to be under exposed)
Yeahh right!!!
Blame it on TJ and look at poor Ary :(

tj & niza

p/s : Shall we go picnic next time around girls
Outdoor session anyone?


  1. sebaik my picture tu ok...heheh. i think perhaps u kene guna extra flash light kot eh utk kasik dia terang kalau amik indoor.sbb i tgk gambar u amik kt spore...lawa jer semua :)

    eh nnt pinjam gambar eh...nk letak kt blog..heeeee

  2. ermmmm kena amik real close-up kalau indoor and the lighting tu mcm very dim.

    Mcm redmummy and SM nyer gamba tu. Heeee segan la plak sbb gamba tak lawa pon...but of course feel free to do so :D


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