Wednesday Booktalk : Tony & Maureen Wheeler & Awang Goneng what they have in common?

It has been quiet sometimes now since I last talked about books. Currently I has a lot of books in my reading stock for the future two or even three months depends on my reading speed plus I'm a seasonal readers (so I will only read when I got an itch for it). For the time being, I think I will also prohibit myself from entering any bookshop for I fear that I will yet bring another book or two home before I even finish those in my stock. Talking about being greedy.

My two favorite books at the moment are these two - I'm still reading both (interchangeably) because it reminds me of two of my favorites things; which are traveling and especially both got lots to do with my other half.

Well, this one here the first book is actually a gift from my love bought in Singapore, knowing me well he had definitely choose the right gift. Another book into our lonely planet travel book collection. Yeay!!!

The Lonely Planet Story by Tony & Maureen Wheeler
(click on image for book details)

Basically it's kinda biography type of book, on how the founder of Lonely Planet Tony & Maureen Wheeler started to travel from Europe to South East Asia on limited budget. Tony who hated his 9 to 5 job very much decided to get off the travel bug out of their system by embarking on a year long journey backpacking to South East Asia.

Little that they knew the journey soon turned them into a multi billionaire of Lonely Planet Travel Guide Book business. To me it has been really amusing so far because I really can relate how difficult it was being a backpackers and thousand miles away from home in a foreign land, didn't really understand the local culture and doesn't understand the language well, traveling to places that are still not fully developed and stuff.

In fact, HIMSELF had been highlighting about the facts that we were always broke on the road itself hanging by the line hoping for our friend to save us from being stranded. And countless time when we got home with not much left in the bank account. But none of us will complain because we got a whole lot of pictures and experience to cherish till the money grows again in the bank. Different is we would never be billionaire like Tony & Maureen here pika17

Owhhh and another two reasons were he told me, Maureen was originally from Belfast, which is in Northern Ireland (and knowing the Irish and the place - we sure could relates to the story well). Both of them is also a couple just like us when they went for backpacking in the beginning of the story. And well that for him was a start, solid enough to pick this book up and start reading. I know it's a lame excuse but trust me the book itself has been very interesting indeed. Me? I especially love the hippies look of Tony flowers shirt in purple hehehhehe.

70's rawksss !!!

Here is a review of the book by The Independent, UK.
The Lonely Planet Story : Two's A Company

A week later, I went to Borders to actually find this
Unfortunately, the September edition still hasn't reach Malaysian shore.

Somerset Studio
Sept/Oct 2008

Ok it's not a's a magazine actually
That I had been using as my inspiration for doing all the vintage scrap
I also love the freebies section that come with the magazine
Although it meant to be for hybrid project
But if I got a scanner (one fine day)
I could also use the freebies as my digital scrap stash

Next, I went to the aisle that features Borders best selling books instead
And that was when I found this book in the local section
Growing Up in Trengganu by Awang Goneng

(click on image for book details)

Which instantly reminds me of my other half
He's from Tregganu and so this is perfect for him
Me without any further delay went straight to the counter and paid for the book.

When were in Dublin, they were times when he (my other half) would accidentally used a particular Trengganu words that if I ever caught him using it, I would not hesitate to laugh at him like mad. Words like lori tunggeng, se'eh, pensel pecek, dok rok and hrmmm they are few more but these are my favs few.

Sometimes he would educate me of Tregganu slang and words he said I should learn so that I would know what it's means when we went back to his hometown if ever anyone would used those words, nobody could laugh at me instead because I don't understand what they're saying. Isn't he an angel?

So back to the book, I wanted to give him this book in return. The book is very special in a sense the writer Awang Goneng will go in details how things were in Trengganu when he was a young boy. It's his heritage that I think some of us would not knew unless there is book like this which shares with it readers his experience of growing up in Trengganu. And I think my other half will enjoy it as the writer beautifully put each and every situations in a very clear example and sometimes even in humor. Complete of vintage photos of the old Trengganu. Walla!!!

The book itself is a collection of blog entries from Awang Goneng over the years, that had been compiled in the book now, so it could reach mass audience in Malaysia. Don't trust my words? Then you really should have a peek of his blog here at Kecek-Kecek.

The Master Bedroom By Tessa Hardley

I had started to read halfway into this book and then decided to ditch it after I got the two books I had been describing earlier on. Too bad the story is not as exciting as the cover. I must had bought this because of the graphic of instead.

sexy huh?

The reason why I stop reading was simply because there's nothing much happens in in the story although the writer has successfully kept me reading because I wanted to know who will get to laid off the lady first. I had been reading like almost half of it by now. And the only interesting part was when I found out that she finally slept with her bestfriend nephew who happened to be 17 and she is already in her 40's (yes I admit it I do crave for dramatic stories and not just another lame sappy love story)...opsssss did I just spoil the story for you or what?

Maybe I should be in my mid-life crisis stage and only then, I could understand what really happens to the lady in the book. Hikkssssss. So yeah I maybe will read it and find how the story goes in the end or I might just pop it into my book shelf and only start to read again when mid-life crisis hit me. That will be what 10-12 years coming?

Read the Amazon review of The Master Bedroom

So there you go.
Anyone find a gem in the bookstore lately?
Please do share it with us all.

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