Diana F+ First Try Out !

Yesterday I was so excited when I was making my way to pick up the CD that contained scanned photos of my first try out with my Diana F+. I was supposed to went home early to break my fast but instead I rushed myself to SS2 to the shop which I sent in my films to be developed. Never mind even if I had to break my fast with just a bottle of water in my wee small car.

After I'm done with my the breaking fast and the household chores I turned on the PC. Owhhh I actually had to wait till the kids were done with the PC. Lucky there was Pepaya on air last night or the chances would be slim for me to get hold of the PC (if you are wondering what is Pepaya - it is the Malaysian first superheroes tv series...ermmm it might not be the first tho' hehehehe I lied).

So I breath in deep, open up my eyes and I saw... I must have been devastated at first. Because out of three rolls of films only a few are photos could be considered OK (to me). I was planning to blog about this last night but eeeeekkkkk with these results I think I could wait for the day to come.

This morning after sahur I browse through my Diana's gallery book and well it makes me feel better because I think I'm nearly there although I'm not just yet hohohohoh. And after all this was my first try out, so why am I being to hard on myself over a plastic toy camera? Hahahahahaha women are like that lorrrr. At least I managed to produce images rather than all black photos.

So cheer up!
Here we go again....

Photos below are using expired Fuji Velvia film

Juempa D'Ramo Pool
(the first shot and my favs in this batch - the vignetting is awesome!)

Putrajaya International Convention Center
On my brother convocation day

ERL station @ Bandar Tasik Selatan
(making my way to Singapore)

The Courtyard @ Esplanade Theater by The Bay
(first shot in Singapore)

More Esplanade Theater
(Again the vignetting and the blurry colors are what I love most)

Next are photos captured using expired Kodak Ektachrome

Still around Esplanade Theater
(Getting ready for the event - Human Race)

(I love flowers)

Moving to Merlion Park now
(Singaporean were hanging out and so I was - this is my favs for this batch)

Double it up
(Twice exposed and here how it looks)

The Sign
(That way to Merlion Park - Mermaid + Lion?)

Merlion Park
(Does anyone know why is the bluish half? why? why? why?)

The Marina Bay?
(My guess)

Last but not least are B&W shots
Rollei Negative Film

This is Singapore
(no this is not in the 70's it is 2008)

The Lion
(somebody was admiring the lion)

The City
(Another shot another view)

Under The Bridge
(Love the reflection and perspective)

The Arch
(that was it!)

So now I rest my case
I would really love to hear comments from all of you
Especially if you happens to be into this lomo stuff
Please...please drop me a line or two


  1. Seriously, I never use Diana before. But I really the outcome of the photo. Nice, enjoy looking at it. However, I was expecting a better BnW from that camera. The contrast, I don't think is enough. :)

  2. [xynthian]

    Thanks for dropping by here...I really appreciate your comments. Frankly speaking I'm a noob as well about lomo been reading a lot bout it but only got the chance to experiment with the camera these last few weeks

    Yeah I thought the B&W film will be the easiest to shoot but god knows how wrong I was. Out of 12 only 5 exposures are acceptable sigh!

    Must try again next time :D Heheheheheh

  3. Gorgeous pictures...very inspiring!

    Thanks, love!


  4. [mila]

    Welcome & Thanks for dropping by mila you're such a sweetie :)


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