Diana F+ - BNW lomography in Jalan TAR & Masjid Jamek Area

This series is actually a continuation to yesterday post. I'm using Fuji Acros 100 film and found the result is better this time around. In fact, I'm kinda satisfied with the result for now. Especially when there's white light leaks that made photos # [1] and [2] looks really classical.

[1] In BNW

[2] The Cityhall Theatre

[3] My favorite subject - Cats

[4] Arches are another favorite subject of mine

[5] Arches and Jalur Gemilang (our national flag)

[6] Shop Sign

[7] More shop sign

[8] Back Alley

[9] Masjid Jamek Bazaar


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  3. Gilerrrrrrrrr lawa!! I'm so in love with white & black pics. Dari dolo lagik, memang cun tahap duniawi hihihi

  4. nice pics...make sure u keep in all da way =) great memories....

  5. Love all ur pictures..hey i'm a lomo addict too:)

  6. [ary]

    Thanks ary...muahhhssss...marilah kalau u free i could do you in BNW as well

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  7. berry nice set of pics. sgt suka!

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