In Love with Vivitar UWS

Vivitar UWS actually stands for Ultra Wide & Slim. A cheap point & shoot camera at about 8USD in eBay. One look at it might not makes you fall in love with it BUT after browsing through millions of images in Flickr. How can I not love it?

Especially when it produces images almost at par if compared to the her Lomo half brother camera called LC-A but at way much cheaper price? Did you know that a LC-A will cost you a fraction of cost to buy a DSLR camera in Malaysia? and No....I'm not kidding.

A must have definitely!
It produces vignettes like my Diana
And even alllowance for light leaks
Slim enough to fit the back of my jeans pocket and looks like a digicam
Produces a 22mm length images which is why it's also called an ultrawide

Which is why I bid it on eBay today
Hopefully I will win the bid
Because looking at all of these photos
Made me reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyy excited.


so what do you think?