My New Toy Has Finally Arrived - Vivitar UWS

Yesterday the mailman had finally sent me the item that I had been waiting to received for what seems to be an eternity. Heh! I was beaming from my left to my right ear - no doubt when I saw the package on my desk.

Here it is...the new toy camera

If you noticed earlier on I had been bragging about this camera in my previous post. And boy I'm so glad with the long weekends coming I can go out and play with my new toy and the Red Lomolitos as well. Just hope that the sun will be shining this weekends or else it wouldn't be as fun.

It's really super-light since it's a plastic camera, and very slim indeed compared to the other toy camera that I have. But nevertheless, it has been proven to be a very trustworthy outdoor camera. It's ability to capture glare by directly pointing and shooting it to Mr Sunshine is something I'm looking forward to experiment.

p/s : I would appreciate company for the photo session
Any takers?
Please do drop me a line
Jom la!!!

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