Diana F+ - Lake Garden BNW Series

  [1] Let's do the double thing

[2] "Kiambang" am not sure bout the english word heheheh

[3] Double no.2


[5]Walk With Me

[6] Pillars


[8] Another double

[9] My fav in this series

[10] Fern Leaves

[11] Pond

[12] Water Lilies

This was from last Saturday outing in Lake Garden or Taman Tasik Perdana. Yup!!! another BNW series you might say. What I love about this batch? Definitely the 
lo - fi images tho' some images of could be plain boring (especially when I tried to capture to many things in a frame).Or so I thought.

My favorite are no. [9] and [12]

Any comments and critics?
I would love to hear them so please drop me a line or two


Film : Rollei Retro 400 Expired
Camera : Diana F+


  1. I do like no 1 and 4...mystery..creepy love it!...

  2. [ninie]

    no.1 tu i ske gak tp 4. tu ermmm apa2 lah yer hehehhehehe bleh tak tuan gamba ckp camtuh kat gamba sendirik?


    hehehhehehe buleh2 i dah lama carik saper nak jadik model...sudah bosan amik gamba objek tak bernyawa dan tumbuh-tumbuhan

    e-mel me babe at kucing_79[at] ur kids ker?

  3. I like photo12. That's the best. good work!!!


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