e{vil}Bay for Plastic Cameras

I had lately developed another new hobby which relates very closely to my addiction towards plastic cameras. I now frequented eBay almost everyday in search of more vintage plastic cameras and also films...and slowly building up my plastic cameras or vintage camera inventories. So now I'm officially a collector as well.

And what other places will a collector hunt for his/her collection besides a flea market? eBay of course!!! Thanks god my tunemoney credit card was finally here or I might have to forget the idea of hunting in eBay all  together!!!

Anyway back to our topic for today.
Here are my most wanted list at the moment : 

retailing at USD180

The other day, I saw in an auction in eBay the price goes off more than the retail price at Lomography website. Guess why? Because it is already Out of Stock obviously!!!

I want it because it red and it's sexy and it's rare and rad. I saw lotsa people with the the teal/blue Diana already which is kinda boring and I just wanna something different instead! It's darn expensive but I'm aching to have it very badly indeed.

retailing at USD75

There's one seller in Lomokids whom I notices sell this camera cheaper than Lomography website. In eBay the price is not as competitive with strong dollars lately I think I might opt to buy from the seller I told earlier on.

Why I want this? The crazy colors, available in medium format and the flash of course. I wanted to capture more bulb mode photos in the future (and maybe experiment with light trails) but first of course I gotta have this first!

 [3] vintage Diana camera

A must have for a Diana lover. This is the original model before the reproduce it as the current Diana+. I found it in eBay with bidding starting from 1.99USD but there still 5 days to go so...if you're lucky you get it cheap but shipping sometimes will cost you more that the price you paid for the camera. So go figure yourself!

[4] popeye camera mint cyan

This one is not in eBay...hehehehhehe. Doesn't it looks just like a Vivitar UWS? But way too much chic because of the color baby blue? Interested? You gotta ask me if you want to know where this came from.

Nahhhh...just kidding this one is from another Japanese website called the  POPAIKAME. At first I thought quality of photos from this camera will be similar to it's twin Vivitar UWS. BUT sample photos at the website shows images with very subtle in colors and dreamy look alike which I love! So go check this camera out as well.

This one is not in eBay neither or should I say a hard find in eBay and if you find it it must by my lucky day. Hehehehhehehe...If anyone who reads this and with possession of the camera and willing to sell it off. Please...please do let me know because I really...really want it!!!!

Maybe I should again ask for my friend in Japan to search it for me in Japanese website/blogs. Because that was what I read what I shall do to find this gem from the rumors around the blogosphere. The camera is a hard to find now days and well that's why I want it like desperately!!!

Owhhhhh I have to mention this that it took excellent vintage photo as well and it shouts RETRO in caps and bold!!! Check out photos from fujipet here.

Well besides the list, I'm currently anxious waiting for few other items  (cameras and film) making its snail way to my post box. And I'm not going to say what are they until all had safely arrived and perhaps I'll have another group photos of my collection soon. 

Hrmmmmm this is exciting...don't you think?
p/s : it had been a long two weeks without any photo shoot
will make sure to go out the coming weekends
anyone wants to tag along?
models wanna be and camera enthusiasts are all welcome
please don't hesitate to leave me a love note below

p/s/s : who said plastic cameras are cheap hobby?


  1. That's a pretty Holga!
    hi came from Innit. hav a nice day

  2. erk so mahal ..u want to open a gallery or what hehe

  3. cun sgt!comel sgt!isk nk collect jugak huhuhu...erm tkpe..akak dh beli kasitau camne procedure dier eh...agak tk reti beli2 online nih...ehehehe...giler camera la akak nih eh..nih nk ikot jejak:D..

    Thanx result dier tk gempak...agak kritikal sbnrnyer...panjang citenyer kalo nk citer...bkn tkleh buat..result sem lepas mmg excellent...erm tahla kak mayb tkde syukur dier bleh terime..agaknyer sbb dh besar2 nih kot:P..kalo time diploma dulu jenuh nk pujuk ehehe..akak sy tk dpt janji hr ape nk outing insyaAllah lepas ami abis report dier sy tros kasitau akak tau...tknk janji awal..nanti tetibe xjadik plak:P...k kak jgn sedey2 k sorry bout the poem hhuhuhu..insyaAllah segalanya akan ok bykkan doa...

  4. [h0cmun]

    yeah i really love the crazy color of that holga...

    anyway thanks for the love so happy...and I do hope you have a nice day as well...


    i'm afraid you wouldn't understand till you're hooked with it :D (which you probably might not)...

    anyway plastic cameras come with lotsa wonders...each and every camera produces different kind of effects which is why I need all of those

    but hey it's way much cheaper than a DSLR (all of those price together will only get me ONE LOUSY DSLR)..

  5. hey! i've been research all around the net for popeye mint cyan but did not found anything. it written on japanese, i can't understand =.="
    do you know where to buy it?
    thanks a lot :)

  6. hi sarah...

    for the time being the only place that sells that popeye camera is at POPAIKAME website - (here's the link)|en&u=

    If you're using mozilla firefox you could just install an add on called fox lingo and that's what I did anyway...It could translate the website for you so even tho' it's not in proper english but hey at least you got the idea...

    Hope this helps :) But if it's not just gimme another shout.


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