It's a perfect time for another tag game. While I was stuck now trying to figure out how to solve the work wise problems. The person I was trying to reach to help me  to solve the problem is currently busy in a meeting somewhere. 

NO... the tag game would not help me to solve my problems but it sure will make me look like I'm kinda busy right now. This time around the tag was from videl. Thank You for two consecutive tags CP! (The other one will still have to wait tho)

[1] Do you think you're hot?
ermmm i think used to be hot but mbe I'm no longer as hawtttt now. what say you?

[2] Upload a fav pic of you.

Here you go

[3] Why do you like this pic?
because it was raining all day long on the first day and we could hardly sit and enjoy the music (it was OXEGEN 2006 music festival in Ireland). Thanks god the sun finally decided to come out the next day and there I was enjoying the moments with one on my best girlfriend (who snapped the photo). And this is the only photos of me looking hot in my office PC.

[4] When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last was supposed to be my nephews dinner...but I only took a slice tho'

[5] The last song you listened to?
the killers - mr. brightside

[6] What are you doing right now besides this?
syhhhhhh i'm in the office and supposed to be working

[7] What name do you prefer besides yours?
i would prefer it to be my other half name definitely...which I will not reveal it here (unfortunately)

[8] People to tag :


[9] Who is no.1?
A new found friend I knew for less than a month now but  the way things goes it seems I had been friends with her for more than a month period. She is as crazy about lomography as I am.

[10] No.3 is having a relationship with?
her husband, nas of course

[11] Say something about no.5
I know he's from negeri sembilan...(it is also the hometown of the person who tagged me)

[12] How about no.4?
she's a friend of no.5 and no.1 and she's darn cute!

[13] Who is no.2?
my colleague...


  1. ouch.
    kene tag lagik!

    utang dulu okeh sis?

  2. [sha]

    ok lah kasik cincai...sebab kita pon ada utang jugak sha nyer tag tak buat lagik hehehheheh

    [ikraam torres]

    heh...t-sert fav tuh

  3. huhuhu kene tag suker..jgn isau kak tkde utang2nyer..alah sha suke le tuh..mmg cute pon:P

  4. kak tag tu ape kak?saya tataw le.. ;(

  5. Huish!! Kena tag, alamak ler.

  6. [ninie.n.ami]

    Hahahhahaha bagus2 kalau ske kena tag...lenkali mmg nama ninie akan wajib ada huhuhuhuhu


    "kura2 dlm perahu dah tau lagi nak buat2 tanya kan?"....sudah2 pegi balik buat tiada alasan lagik...hehehehhehe

    p/s : ramones not moiii fav tapi layan la jugak sbb laki haku kalau pasang sampai penat ramones tu nyanyi tak berenti


    Yer ary i tagged u...dah berabuk dh blog u tu haaaa...hehehehe ni i bagi homework sket....:)


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