In Love with my Vivitar UWS - Here's Why

Ipoh has been wonderful
The sun and the blue skies
The old and still standing strong
And I simply don't have anymore words to say
Here are some feast for your eyes

[1] Moiii favorite of the day

[2]Blue skies and back alley of Ipoh town

[3]Ipoh Railway Station

[4]Arches and Green

[5]FMS being refurbished internally

[6]sides elevation

[7]Her love ones...will always be guarded with all her will

[8]Jusco, Ipoh

[9]Walk to the light friends

[10]Through the tiny passage

[11]Till you find the Memory Lane

[12]where the flea market are among the stuff

[13]Or you could just wait at the other side of the road

[14]and goes crazy with your lomo cameras

[15]or your lumix

[16]or your DSLR

[17]ninie said :
"you ain't cool enuff until you try to save the analogue"

[19]Owhhhh well whatever - we had fun nevertheless
Didn't we ?

Ermmmmmm...this makes me feel good on a Monday morning.
It's my kind of crap and I'm loving it
Owhhhh rite gotta go now
Work is calling my name real hard today

But as usual
Leave me some love comments
You could hate me or say nice things to me
I promise to play easy

My friend sha has also something to show you off
Her take of Ipoh with a colorsplash
Do visit her and say hello


  1. thanks for sharing,nice to meet you !

  2. My camera phone is probably as slow as a lomo. Lol, that's a lie. It's slower than that. MUCH MUCH slower. And the photos still turn out horrible.. so yea.

    Wait, are lomos even slow? They're just point, click and done kan? No preview saja?

    p.s. Jusco is the only thing i remember from Ipoh

  3. rare gile ah kak lina nye vivitar.
    kaler cantek sgt!
    *jeles okeh.

  4. [tkc0109]

    Thanks for dropping by here...hope you enjoy your stay!

    [eddy the reds]

    Thanks eddy...


    serupa tapi tak sama...yg sama kamera plastik...tapi bukan kamera plastik yg lomografi buat


    lomo camera is hardly slow...well it might be a little slow from one frame to another coz you gotta advance the film yourself and the results are not instant...had to sent it to a lab to be developed.
    Other than that u hardly realised when you clicked the shutter :D

    you're right point - shoot - and don't think. No preview is also right! 10 marks for you...hahhahaha

    p/s : if you love flea market you shud drop by to ipoh sometimes on a sunday morning.


    tenkiu heheheheh tu lah utk sebuah kamera plastik mmg vivitar sgt cool...

  5. do i said tht k.lina?ahahaha...erm i should check this vivitar la...kind of will be my next collection i told u before(and ami too) u r good...very good ami really admire ur all ur pics..hampir meleleh air mata biler melihatnya...kene jadik sifoo nih:D

  6. perghh kak..saya sudah menangis tgk gamba sha..ini menangis pula tgk gamba kakak..tabik seumur idop kepada kakak..haha

  7. ninie.n.ami

    ninie...malu la...cakap mcm tu...hiksssss...tak layak lagi jd sifoo dlm lomokids lagi ramai otai2 yg dah bertahun2 berLOMO.

    But anyway thanksssss a million babe!!! [gedixxsss mode kejap]

    ermm yes u shud check vivtar uws out...a good lightweight companion and very reliable plastic camera on a sunny day out...


    penat tuh nanti kalau nk dok tabik seumur idop hahahahhahha...terima kasih amadd


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