Ipoh - Through Diana F+ Lens

When I first saw all the photos below I was kinda speechless (just like what Ninie said). My first reaction was I'm kinda frustrated frankly...

This time around, I used a mask to produce 16 frames using my Diana F+ which I think I will never do it again (not that I don't have any film supply it's actually in abundance). Sigh! Should have take if off and use more films instead trying to cram 16 frames in a roll. Silly me!

The results of these mask are my photos turned out to be without any vignettes/very minimal vignettes (however, this one I could deal with) and sometimes or most of the photos time turned out to be underexposed especially when I used Fuji Velvia film which seldom happened if I used the camera outdoor without any mask (which is why I regret opting for the mask). And yeah I have to cropped the photos again because sometimes the frames are really annoying I hate it!

Nevertheless, Ipoh to me is really rare and old in it's very special own way. -  I simply love the atmosphere and the laid back town.The Memory Lane flea market is a must visit for those who loves to thrif. I'm sure...I will return again  later if not sooner!!! Huhuhuhu...

Well enough said. 
I know you might not read what I wrote here anyway
Here you go...

Who let the lion out?

ninie - arip

My fav double

arip - maddradio

bags for sale at the flea market

jibam new pet - a  gold fish from Ipoh?


 Twice exposed

Memory Lane Flea Market

 who ever drives this is awfully cool!!!

busy street on a Sunday morning

Film : Kodak Ektachrome 64T EPY
Developed : Fotomas, Ipoh
Camera : Diana F+

Flare and Red with ninie on the background

Hotel Selesa @ Ipoh Railway Station

Film : Fuji Velvia
Developed : Fotomas, Ipoh
Camera : Diana F+

Right now you see it all
Please do leave me a comment or two
Critics or any ideas to improve
All are much appreciated.

 photo via here

p/s : I'm saving the best for last
Stay tune for vivitar uws version


  1. 8 and 9 are friggin' awesome!
    kereta tu gila vintage campur lagi dengan diana. awww pengsann.

  2. kak lina!saya boleh jadi gila tgk gambar gambar ni suma!menakjubkan..jelesss..taleh tahannn..

  3. So that's the kind of photos you get using those cameras. Uh, is lomo like the opposite of hitech? Or is that an actual term *lazy to google* :P Might as well use up the comment space.

  4. pecah kepala

    Thanks...a'ah kereta tu mmg best la w'pon antik tapi ada aesthetic value...utk gamba2 yg old skool.

    Jgn la gamba dr kamera plastik jer hikkkssss...apa2 pon thanks

    yes basically this is an analogue camera (just like back there when digital camera didn't exist just yet) - it uses films and in my case the camera itself is a plastic camera or could also be considered as toy camera by some.


    It produces effect such as light leaks, crazy colors, vignettes, dreamy lookin' photos and etc that a digital or DSLR could only achieve through photo manipulation using photoshop and etc...and that's what i love about a lomography!

  5. I like the 2nd one. Nice. Esp the color.

    The first one is not a dog. It's a lion. :P

  6. ooooooppppsssss i shud make a correction...for that. Thanks a lot xynthian! ( a little bit red with embarrassment now) :D

  7. i'm here huhuhuh terlmbt comment...mcm biase love all ur pics k.lina...peminat setia nih..kalo jual gmbr akak tuh sy beli jgn luper sign skali keh:P...ami pon..she said she wants all ur pics ahahahahaha...

  8. [ninie.n.ami]

    "gmbr akak tuh sy beli jgn luper sign skali keh "

    ohohohohoho nih mcm perli jerrrr hahahahhahahha


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