2008 Highlights

The Best Backpacking Trip: Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes, Morocco

Our last trip in Europe and the only back packing trip last year that we could afford. It had been an adventurous and most challenging trip so far.

Surprisingly, despite all the hardship (the bus broke down in the middle of the night in the freezing desert - the trip that took more than 12 hours - the two or was it three days without any shower - the rush to secure a seat on the bus) . It all worth our effort and given a chance I will not hesitate to go back to this place . It's a beauty and serenity that I found it 's hard to say NO.

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Leaving Dublin Behind

Yes I did complaint a lot of the harsh gloomy weather. I joked about the airport - which is even smaller in size compared to the old Subang Airport. I complained about the lack of shopping malls that resembles One Utama and Mid Valley. The bland and tasteless food. The period when I was the only bread winner of the family. It was all bad in a glance.

But it has been the place that has broaden my horizon. The place that made my dreams to travel around Europe extensively came true. The two years of pure honey moon for both of us. The two years of joys!

Kemaman For A Change?

A month of job hunting
And learning to live life in a slower pace
It's not an easy one
But I survived!

My New Found Hobby

What a joy it brings 
new friendship and places that I had never knew could be so interesting
Such as these

Dr Seenivasagam Park in Ipoh

Jln Masjid India vicinity
Pantai Kelanang

Ahhhhh well it has been a fairly good year for me all over.
I had been in the lowest point of my life sometimes in 2008
 But well I know I will not be there forever
One fine day I will get into the peak of it
And if I did I will not hesitate to share it with the world
(so do pray for me)


  1. Good hobby you get into! Lomo, yeah!

    Happy new Year!!!

  2. xynthian is a very interesting hobby indeed and I'm having fun with it!

    Happy New Year to you too!!!

    Ikraam Torres

    Happy New Year jugak!


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