Feelin' Crappy!

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Had been down with flu and still not over with it. I was coughing like mad awhile ago (it must be the corn bits and pieces down my throat ekkkkk...I ate the corn just fine this morning tho'). Sigh!

Sometimes I got the idea that if I could cut open my throat and washed out all the phelgms with scorching hot water I might recover faster (tho' I doubt it will works anyway hahahahaha). It's just some crazy notion a desperate sick person like me are having you know.

Other than that things had been chaotic at work (workload had started to pile up on me when I was not at all ready to work hard) and tho' I'm dog sick I did not dare to skip work at the moment.

And for the last few days I got no internet connection at all which is the answer to why this blog had not been updated so far. However I should be thankful,  in the absence of the internet yesterday I had successfully did most of the things I need to do work wise. So yeah I think that's a good news isn't it?

Despite the good weather I didn't go out to shoot last weekends because of the flu (obviously) and most of my time had been wasted son the bed trying to recover...ermmm that was crap really !!!(because right now here I'm still with my runny nose I mentioned earlier on).

And I don't know why on earth did I have to tell you all this? You know what? I think I'm better off now...tomorrow maybe a better day to blog. Catch up wit' all of you later!

p/s : I think I knew who is the culprit behind this flu
it must be ary!!!! 
(the aftermath of the sushi session - tho I think we shud do it again heh)

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