Vivitar V3000s SLR

Had been looking for new stuff to share here. And that was when I saw this camera. - VIVITAR V3000s.  I actually tried to find something that got to do with Nikon FM2 SLR on eBay at first and well I did found couple of listings that caught my eyes (which is quite interesting).

Problem is I had no more extra dosh to spend because I had  obviously  spend it on couple of films and accessories to go with my Diana earlier this month.

There were others SLR as well but this Vivitar V3000s; had really gets me googling for more info and samples photos. Most of the English websites had very limited info or shall I say couldn't keep me long and then I found this one blog in Japanese or maybe Korean (am not sure). And it leads to another and well there are lotsa of them and I goes crazy!!! Apparently this camera has a huge fan base in it's country of origin...(which is a reason quite obvious).

So here is the link for you to learn more about Vivitar V3000s
(if you still haven't)

Sample photos from this blog 
This blog has sample photos for vivitar uws as well

Ahhhhh...well like I said the possibilities of bumping into more awesome photos from Japanese bloggers using this SLR camera are endless. Just by googling blog : Vivitar V3000s. Try it for yourself!

Meanwhile...I'm gonna do some calculation on my spending - to see if there's area that maybe I could cut back so that I could go on and bid one of this camera on e{vil}Bay...(very evil notion indeed).

p/s : Looking at all those images
makes me wanna go out to shoot like here and now!!!


  1. huhuhuhu....besh! mmg sgt rajin surf akak nih..eheeh yeah...mayb i'll get tht one soon...entah biler:D...

  2. akak nak bli slr.
    suka tak fm10?
    kazen kite ade.
    dia ckp hr tu mcm nak jual.

  3. ninie

    hehehehehehehe just nk share shj option2 yg ada...tapi kalau ada duit lebey sila lah beli :)


    wah!!! menarik gak fm10 tuh bape kazen sha nk tolak?

  4. huhu.
    akak da bli kan vivitar neh?
    lupe plak nak feedback blk psl fm10 tuh.
    blom tanye kazen lg la kak.

  5. sHa

    Ha'ah dh terbeli yg nih [tak bley tahan]... yg vivitar nih murah jer kat ebay sekali lens ngan flash...


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