Pulau Banding, Gerik - Our New Year Escape

It's almost a week now in 2009. 
And I haven't write anything about it?

But I got my own reasons for the absent
These were it...

[1] The bridge to Pulau Banding

[2]no hassle

[3]that was all we did

[4]trying on his luck

[5]and my favorite man

[6]stop and listen to your own thoughts

[7]mimosa pudica

[8]going for a boat ride

[9]Rafflesia Azlanii of Lake Temenggor

[10]almost surreal

[11]no luck this time tho'

And just a little bit more about our destination this time around
Many people seems to be confused
about Pulau Banding, Royal Belum & Tasik Temenggor

While all of them are within the vicinity
The lake is actually called Lake Temenggor and not Lake Banding
The area are actually man made water catchment area
Which means it used to be a rain forest before it was flooded with water

The higher plane now turned into scatter of smaller islands
Pulau Banding is the main island in Lake Temenggor
Which is also where The Royal Belum Rainforest Resort where we stayed is

The Public are not permitted to enter The Royal Belum.
Which is a reserved area and located further up Lake Temenggor
(unless they have permit to enter the area and it must be arrange a week earlier)

I wish that we had the permit tho'
To explore the wonders of Royal Belum
Well next time maybe!


  1. cool pics k.lina...erm nih yg buat hati teruja nk pegi nih:D...

  2. Hi.... Just browsing thru & Found these gorgeous & beautiful pictures of Lake Temenggor. No doubt its a man made creation but deep right under its still the creation of Allah. You are 1 .... of a photographer to actually capture all of these shots. Great Job there!!! Hope to see more of those(:-)

  3. ninie

    thanks ninie :) mmg harus la pergi tapi kan kalau pegi tunggu musim panas lagi best.

    angelican star

    thanks for the compliment dear...glad that you could appreciate it!


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