Weekends : 10-11th January 2009

Marina Beach, Kemaman

Angler at Dusk

Last weekends, was my turn to visit the other half and the in laws. It was actually an impromptu plan on a boring Friday eve. I decided after work to drop by at the Putra Bus Station and tried my luck if I could find a ticket to go back to Kemaman.

And yes...I was lucky enough. To secured the last piece of ticket to Kemaman on a Friday night (when usually tickets will be sold out). Cut the long story short. Nearly four hours later I was there with my significant half and couldn't be much happier.

The next day, we went to the newly open Mesra Mall in Kerteh which is about half an hour drive from my in laws and have outlets such as Toys R Us and Big Apple Donuts. least somewhere familiar to go to now when I'm in Kemaman. Hahahahahahha.

On the way back we stopped by at Kemasek Beach and Marina Beach (also known as Pantai Telaga Simpul) because he knew that I got my camera in towed. I was feeling kinda  peculiar - to be standing there and feeling the cold sea breeze  and wish I had brought a jacket with me (when I usually complained - it's too hot).

It reminds me of Bray in Dublin during cold months where we always visited because somebody gotta go out and fish no matter how bad the weather is.


  1. tenkiu sha!!!
    itulah tgk dlm flickr sha ada pantai kemasek...ur dad org sana ker?


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