The Classmates

I had been thinking about writing this for quite sometimes (and it had been more than a week now), problem is I just couldn't get a crystal clear picture on how I shall address the issue. The ideas actually blooms during one of my girlfriends wedding last Saturday (now I regretted that I didn't shoot more photos of the lovely reception to be attached here to this post).

At first, I thought of jotting down a simple caption to congratulate the newlyweds will be suffice and then I got this funny notion. It struck me hard (and I think it's quite hilarious) how on earth that we could end up marrying  each other (i.e. our schoolmate? - by that I also address the same questions to my own self). I had a good laughed at the idea in my head when people are busy cheering up the speech given by the girlfriend's lil' brother. This is unbelievable.

You must had been wondering so what's so wrong with that? Let me tell you this one fact about our batch (through my experience) our relations with the other gender were more in the manner of cats and dogs rather than Romeo and Juliet. We fight all the time and found the boys are really disgusting, filthy creatures. Yes there were "monkey love" couples during the schooling years (there were no denying in that) but sadly none of them lasts for long. When school ended they moved on and kiss goodbye the relationship.

Guess the same applies to most of my schoolmates who end up marrying each other - they were also not in talking terms at school and might had said not in a million years will fall for their now loving other significant. Which obviously means their love story only begins after school was over? But why? How come?

I had on countless time told this before but let me rephrase this again for a clear example : me and the other half - I had never in my schooling years spoke a single word to him, I had never before in my years before he walked into my life had a crush on him or even a minuscule of liking towards him, I don't understand why one of the girls could fall head to heels over him when he ran away every time she saw him, to me he was totally an alien and I just couldn't do the maths what made us bond up so well when our interest are world apart and yet when the time came and it just happened like "you got me at hello" so Jerry McGuire huh? Well yes sounds like it. If I knew this would happen earlier... I wouldn't worry trying to find myself my knight in the shining armor when he was there all along since I was 13?

Well after all said and done, does it means that the guys that we mat after school were even worst than them (but we really hate the boys at school remember?) or else how come we could turned our back on our uni friends/colleagues or other males friends that we made along the way and find out later that our school friends is in fact our perfect mate? And most of them as been described in this situation are my classmate?

OK! I talk too much today didn't I? Here in case you're not on Facebook are couple of photos to cherish the couple no.... (urrrrmmmm I lost count from our batch.) And after 15 years here are what my classmates looks like. Only one are single (guess who) maybe it's not too late to hitch another schoolmate...Don't you think? (if there's still any available female friends please raise up your hand hehehehehe).

The Newlyweds


  1. hehehe....thats the beauty of our batch kan lina....

  2. btol2..

    bila pikir2 balik, sure aku akan tersenyum.. terkenang masa jumpa reza dulu. even satu kelas, tapi haram aku nak tegur2 or bebaik2. anti le konon! hehehe

    but now, he is my 'tulang belakang' and world bestfriends. camana tuu? heheheh

  3. Ms.Lilies

    Tak tau la beauty ker hapa ker...mimi. Mcm pelik tapi sgt benar.


    eeeeee ko perasan x majoriti bdk2 kelas kita yg membuat pekerjaan ini...cuba kira sendiri...

    are we under spell or somethin'? hehehhehehehe nak salah kan org lain la tuh...

  4. gelak besar aku ..

    could be le inot.
    ko, emon, mas dgn budak mrsm dia, aku dgn reza, otek dgn helmi, ayie and syira.lagi? adeei.. tak ingat dah den ramai2 tuu..

    hhehheheh.. tu le..

  5. myselfndots

    ko lupa helda ngan reezal...


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