Do You Miss Me?

It had been a long week and today especially had been really hectic. I had been trying to grasp my breath every now and then. I need to keep my sanity.  I need something to make me smile and well said it's gonna be OK. Truthfully, I had this mixed emotions of good and bad in me from being super busy with work.

Good in a sense that hey! this is what they paid me for  - To work my ass and here I'm doing my job and not something else like you know that better yourself. Bad because at the end of the day I would feel like really burned out, exhausted, tired , beaten especially when I know it doesn't stop here today. Tomorrow I still have to do the same thing again and again. I wish I could just said DONE! and no-thanks-I-don't-want-to-know-more-about-that-stupid-ramp-please-take-it-away-from-me!

Anyway put that aside...there's something that has make it's way to me few days back and ..sort of really make my day a little bit better. Yeah it's just photos you might said...BUT...a photo could tells you a lot when words sometimes fail. Thanks to Zain, at last my persistent effort  forcing him to burn the years and years ago of photos has been answered. I had finally got the CD. Yipeee!!!

Excuse the monkey faces
We were trying to have some fun here
So on one boring weekends years ago
We just walked from Amin's place to this place in the photo
Said to be Dollymount Strand
And then we ate junk food and start shooting whatever necessary
It was a blast simple moment
Come to think of it two years later



[3] Love Is In The Air


I wish I could turn back time


  1. akak.
    jom menembak kat upm!

  2. huhu nk g upm...besh! selamat menembak:)...jom pasnih kuala sepetang:P

  3. akak.
    nak tanye sket.
    camne akak tuka ikon sbelah link blog akak belah atas tu eh?
    yg gamba diana tuh?
    ajar bleh dak?

  4. sHa



    Bernas...saya setuju...cadangan diterima so bila tuh? hehehhehe

  5. yes i miss u...haha =P
    lama giler i x bukak ur blog....


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