About Jolie

I usually fed Jolie with half a portion of slice cheese almost every other weekdays morning (sssyyyhhhh!!! my sister will kill me if she knew that I feed her cat with cheese).

It happened one morning when I opened the back door to hang out my towel to dry outside . Jolie upon hearing the sound of the door creaking came running to get me and she came in and then she kept on crying (meowing to be exact) while I was preparing my breakfast - bread, butter and cheese.

I knew that all the cats including Jolie had been fed by my sister an hour or so ago so I pinched some of the cheese and fed her. She ate it all. OK. she loves it and so I had to gave her a little bit more. So the next morning the same thing happened and it repeats itself and so is the reason why Jolie is craving for cheese every morning now.

So...last Saturday I was running late, I need to go to someplace else so when I opened the door I saw Jolie was running towards me with so much eagerness... (with hopes that she will get to taste some cheese that morning...I knew it from that look upon her face). But since I was late so I just petted her and said good-bye and well took off.

That night she didn't come home.
Sulking maybe.
Made me worried sick!
(and my sister too)

biting my camera strap...while i was trying to shoot her

her favorite spot

here girl...look at me

cute ain't she?

playing dead

and i love her so...

Good news is
We didn't lost her last night
Thanks god!

But have you ever heard of superstitious saying that
"if you took photos of your cat they will run away or get lost?"
I don't even get the logic behind it



  1. ewww.
    damn cute la jolie, kak.
    teringat kucen kite yg ilang thn lepas.
    sampai skang duk teringat2 lagik.

    jgn kasik dia majok tau.
    kalo tak, dia da tade nanti mesti nyesal tak sudah. T.T

  2. oo bagi cheese ekk..

    pasni bg peanut butter plak ok hehe

  3. sHa : Jolie ni mmg mcm pompuan ok...sensitif, tak bley ckp kuat2 kena ckp lembut2 kalau tak dia lari, tak ske org pegang2, kalau pegang dia sket kejap lg dia pegi jilat bulu2 dia tuh...lama ok dia mandi, mangsa buli adik2, kalau lelaki dia takut esp anak sedara kt umah tu yg ske buli dia...and moody jugak kdg2 langsung tak pandang bila kita panggil.

    nasib baik la comel kalau tak tak kuasa nk layan hahahahhaha

    lankapo : tak bley aaaa...peanut butter leceh sket nak tunggu dia jilat2 kat jari takkan nk sapu atas lantai kot?...lgpon kolestrol tinggi tuh...ekekekekkeke

  4. huhu kucen mkn cheese besh:P...ader caye tak ade kucen mkn pucuk ubi kayu?:P...Alhamdulillah tk hilang..kucen yg sgt comel

  5. ninieTu kucen' vegetarian tuh hehehhehehe.

    Agaknya skrg ni musim mengawan kot tu yg dia dok ilang tuh...mlm ni pon tak blk jugk tapi pagi tadi dh bg makan cheese lagik


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