Fed 3 : The Debut

Unexpected things happened when you're the least expecting it!

The Fed 3
On my first encounter
I hate it because it's 
weight a tonne,
it's without neck or even hand strap
(so just imagined how do I have to carry it around)
too big for my pockets and even in my hand

I lost many wonderful moments
Especially when I tried to capture moving objects...people
Focusing is a big deal for me
I had to make sure the image in the rangefinder overlapped
And boy that's easier said than done
Sometimes I just can't make the images merged
But I just snapped anyway

I don't have any high hope that I would get even decent photos
from this camera
But looking at all these
When I get it from the lab
I was smiling ear to ear











Dear Fed 3 of mine,
I take back all my filthy words
For now I wanna learn to love you more
Please lead me the way

The hero :

Film : Kodak E200 expired x-pro
Location : MARDI & Brickfields


  1. kool photos from fed3 rangefinder...skang puas hati dh kot...pic sumer pon berdebar2 nk tgu agfa sillete nih..rangefinder jugak..tktau le ape anta develop lg tmax bnw...:)..shoot lg dr camera ini...

  2. wah.
    lepas ni bleh pinjam fed 3 plak la.
    taniah akakkkkk! :)

  3. wah u ni mcm2 jenis kamera dah ada. tapi kan nk tanya la...lets say kalau gambar tk jadi kan, u tk rasa kecewa ker? sbb kan ni bukan digital camera, kalau tk jadi boleh delete kene develop bagai

    normally gambar tk jadi u buat apa eh? simpan?

  4. ninie :

    yg nih mmg puas hati sbb dlm satu roll ada satu gamba jer yg blur/out of focus...sdgkan masa anta develop mcm tak harap apa2 dari kamera nih sbb baru first time guna...rangefinder.

    Masa menembak tu byk kali tak dpt nak overlapkan image kat tgh2 tuh tapi tibai jer la...kata nk belaja.

    cepat2 anta kedai nanti film tu lemau hehehehhe alasan kukuh tak tu?

    sHa :

    hahahhahaha no hal nyer, tp kan sebelum tu nk tgk dulu hasil dari kamera yg "itu"...tu

    mr & mrs imranhahahhaha if you still didn't figure it out this hobby comes hand in hand. You experiment with the cameras and collect the cameras and films as you go along....which makes it more fun kan?...kalau pakai dslr takde la nak mampu tiap2 bulan beli kamera :(

    frankly kecewa mmg kecewa babe, but I learn something about fishing from observing my other half and apply it into my current hobby : he always said "it's normal that not everyday you will get a good catch...someday you go home empty handed but definitely not experience learn why you fail ...and next time around you actually could fish even better"..mmg btol selalunya he came home with nothing much but when he was priceless

    Besides kalau guna digital pon sama jugak byk jer gamba tak jadi but since you can delete or photoshop and shoot it again and again you couldn't be bother/take it for granted to really learn the right techniques of capturing a good photos...

    p/s: gamba tak jd pon i simpan gak...sayang nk buang mahal tuh!

  5. Hey sexy in red. I don't do digital scrapbooking though. I'm more into the crafty one :)

    anyway, if you're interested, here are my latest designs.

  6. suka!! suka!!!

    nanti boleh amik gambar anna sofea bila dia 1 year.. boleh?

  7. myselfndots :

    thanks :)

    buleh2 (dgn nada yg sgt excited) mmg tgh nak mencarik model (x kira la adults or kids) tapi tatau nk carik kat mana hehehhehe...let me know k?

    p/s : takde besday party anna setaun ker? lalalalalalalala


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