I Spy....

Had been sometimes since I last blog about the e[vil]Bay
Although I actually go there for window shopping like everyday
And sometimes I bid when I found a bargain

Remember the last post of my most wanted list from the e[vil]Bay?
Last week when I was cheerfully browsing for the original Diana
I spotted this
(jaw dropped)

at a very attractive price to start bidding
(trust me)

A week had passed
 I just couldn't get my mind of it
so today I went to search for it again
16 hours 46 minutes left
The current bid is about $147.50 USD

I also spotted another bargain camera
Not on my list but...
 Did you know how much LSI is selling this?
Well me too but one thing I'm sure
It costs way much more than what is on this auction

8 hours 34 minutes left
The current bid is about GBP32.00

Wondering why am I telling this to you anyway?
money is an objection for me....

So you out there
if money is not a problem for you by all means please do go and bid
for these hot cameras
And thanks me later
(ok no...i'm just kidding)
Good luck!


  1. eh jap.
    makne nye akak beli ke tak neh?

  2. sHa

    Jawapannya tak beli...
    takde budget arrrr....


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