Malacca : In 3 Hours


It was a day earlier before the day we all went to MARDI
(yes last week I mean)
I should have known that it's not a really good idea
To travel that far on rainy season like this
(well it rains cat and dogs almost every evening in KL now)
And further more I was late
It was almost 1pm when I started the journey

It was a race to complete the task
Before the skies pour her heart down to the earth
Before it was dark and I had to drive home alone
But I was desperate and needed motivation
To start shooting so what the heck!
I went anyway

It had been fun despite the fact that I was alone
The people is very warm in Malacca - "Chinatown" in particular
Although I'm not really there as a tourist
And it completely banished the feeling of akwardness...uneasiness
To be out there shooting alone
I knew there are merit points of moving alone
And I noted that I should do this more often

Nuff said I would really love to hear feedback, comments and critics
Please drop me a line or more lines
It will definitely made me happy !

Camera : Diana F+ & Vivitar UWS
Film : Vivitar loaded with Kodak Elitechrome 100 expired
Diana F+ loaded with Fuji Astia 100


  1. wah2
    best nye akak dpt pegi melaka.
    nape tak ajak same?

    kt suke amba church ngn yg atasnye.
    kaler sgt mengancam.

  2. k.lina pergi sorgkah?wahwahwah....pic sumer besh!sumer pon menjadi pujaan:D

  3. sHatatau la ari tuh tetiba jer mcm nk pg menembak...sgt2, tetiba jer masa tgh drive dtg idea nk gi melaka w'pon sebenarnya dh lambat.

    agak mati kutu jugak sbb pg sorang2 hehehhhehe padan la muka sendiri...takpe2 jgn jeles nanti ada masa kita pg melaka jom!

    ninietenkiu2...a'ah ntah apsal ari tuh buleh terpk nk pegi jauh2...padahal cuaca pon takdela cantik...otw ke melaka mendung jer heh suspens...sib baik sempat gak menembak

    p/s : lain hari nk buat2 gila pegi ipoh plak la hahahhaha!!!


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