One Sunday Afternoon


I remembered that rainy Sunday afternoon

When we're not really sure where to begin with
But I saw their strong determination and the excitement
(it was written all over their face)
The rain will not stop them
They really wanted to go out and shoot

At the same
Enjoy their self
Have fun a little
So we waited...

And well it had been paid off when the sun finally came out
To play again that afternoon
And the blue skies were sure to follow
(tho' it not long...but we were really grateful)

We later found our self a nice green patch with white fence to start
"This must be it!"
All agreed in a chorus

So we clicked and clicked
And laughed and smiled
Till the skies turned grey again
And we said "That's it!"

I'm sure all went home feeling better and accomplished!

What not enough photo you said?
Here go and visit these site and say hello to them
(pstttt they got awesome photos from the trip as well)

Camera - Diana F+ and Vivitar UWS
Film : Kodak E100 medium format & Fuji Sensia 35mm
(both are x-pro)
Location : Mardi, Serdang


  1. sumer nye cantek2.
    kite punye slide ntah bile nak cuci.

  2. ups.
    akak, sile delete komen yg dihantar oleh greenarts itu.
    terpakai id opis plak.

    sumer shots cantek2.
    kite nak anta slide kat kdai, tp takot tak jadik.
    isk2 takott.

  3. k.lina....sgt besh gmbr nih...color sgt besh jugak..suker sgt gmbr camera tuh...mane pic2 lain kt flickr eh?

    p/s:eksiden bleh thn teruk..sib baik tk apa2...still g amik exam..tkleh buat aper..dr tk amik langsung..erm but still tkleh buat:(..details dlm komen magik colours

  4. MHMN

    baru jer dua tiga menjak try b'lomo...lantak jer


    patot la org pon konpius saper la plak greenarts nih...

    hantar jer sbb org tgk yg sha menembak pakai colorspalsh sebelom2 nih cun jer...


    sebenarnya tak banyak pon menembak kat sini...sbb org byk duduk dan menikmati kehijauan ituh di bwh langit biru sambil perati bdk2 menembak mcm2 gaya :)

    kalau hari panas & pegi ngan sha shj mungkin juga akan berbaring ria...sgt best! buleh repeat kalau ninie dtg kl nanti

    ada lagi film dlm kamera fed3 tuh tapi blom habis yg tu kena tunggu ntah zaman bila hehehhehe...

    p/s: apa2 pon glad to hear u're ok w'pon kereta tak berapa ok...

  5. memang diakui kehebatannya oleh sirim..haha syabas kak..


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