What's Your Weekends Plan Looks Like?

Last weekends, besides the acrylic mini class was another shooting session on Sunday with sha. As usual it was last minute ordeal but the great thing was we made it somehow. Running out of ideas of places to go around Kuala Lumpur after spending about half and hour or so in Brickfields (cause I can't locate the Indian temple that I wanted to visit) we decided to head south to Putrajaya instead.

I should have agree with sha to stick in Masjid India vicinity if I only knew the rain was coming heavy that afternoon. To make matter worst I  got lost somewhere along the road and we ended in Klang instead of heading down towards Putrajaya. Sigh! poor sha I hope she will not give up on me after this hahahaha. Anyway those are some crappy photos I took and no Jolie was not with us on that trip. Owhhh! I had fun anyway.

But that was last weekends, I don't have anything plan yet for this coming one but I had always wanted to go to Pasar Pudu and try to learn more about street photography. Until I'm comfortable enough to get close to my subject and shoot them right on the face. The guts is all I need and I'm going to practice more and find one. Perhaps this weekend will be it.

Speaking of street photography, you might have heard that Urbanscapes is making a come back this coming June. And the reason why I'm telling you this is because KLue (the organizer)  is currently looking for participants to contribute in  the 24 Hour KL photo exhibition that will be exhibited in Urbanscapes 2009.

So yeah I wanna try my luck and submit couple of photos and hopefully I could get few more to submit before the due date on 13th of June. No prizes are offered but selected images will entitled the participant to 2 complimentary passes worth RM35.

So what's your plan?


  1. akak!
    pasar pudu pon mcm best jek.
    nak pegi nak pegi!

    gamba akak sumer best2 lah.
    tak sabo nak abeskan film dlm smena tuh.

  2. sHaMari...Mari pegi pasar pudu...perasan tak blog flickr ari nih highlight gamba pasar pudu?...aiseh mcm tau2 jer...

    wikens lps hari buruh ni ok kita pegi...


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