Films Orgasm!

Usually I will laugh hysterically when ever my other half told me about his crazy dreams which usually revolves around fishing and getting a big fish on the end of his rod. I noticed that it usually occurs when he failed to get a good catch on that day and well who could blame him for thinking too much about the unfortunate day.

Last night however it was my turn. (Errrrmmm and no I don't dream about big fish) .In that dream my other half and me was traveling into some remote area. As usual, when we were traveling we will go and explore the smaller towns nearby and  since now that I'm so into photography scene...I make it a point, to go and check out all the available photo labs in case they have expired film supply that I could bag home.

In the first lab that we went the seller, told me unfortunately a bunch of kids who had dropped by just a few minutes ago had bought all the films  that he got . I was so despaired upon hearing the news so he said if I am lucky I could also find expired films on the other lab somewhere nearby.

So we went according to the seller direction, and on the way we mat the group of boys who had bought all the films earlier on. Obviously very happy with their purchased. Out of curiosity I asked them what they wanted to do with the films ? Non-nonchalantly, one of them said they need it in order, to make an experiment or some sort of toys out of the films.

And I don't know why but it seemed that I got really upset listening to his answer that I scolded them at once because they are going to waste the film - which are really valuable.

And then I went to the next lab. To my surprised the lab said was a really huge one with loads of cameras and films on their glittering display. I just can't believe myself what I saw in a small town like this. I guess if this is reality the lab must be somewhere in Japan however, I'm sure I can't recall having to talk in Japanese. Strange!

Anyway, I went all crazy looking at all the selection of films available. I was beaming ear to ear I swear. And without much thinking I bought a whole loads of various film supplies. It felt like having an orgasm.No kidding! I could even imagined that if anyone ever saw me sleeping at that point of time I would be smiling like a mad woman.

popeye camera shop which almost looks like my dream
images via here

The next thing I know when I woke up and desperately wanted to believe that the it was real. Because I never had a dream so vivid and frankly most of the time when I dream I can't even remember the next morning. This one is an exception tho', it left me feeling high. Euphoria. Stupid. Happy.

This is really madness!
But a sweet one that I didn't mind of having repetition
So did you have a nice weekends?


  1. haiyooo.
    bahaye neh.
    sampai da mimpi2 film bagai.

    tp kan kak.
    kalo ade la kedai tu kat sini.
    sgt heavennn! :)

  2. huhuhhu besh betol mimpi cenggitu:D...kak! update dh! agfa silette belom lagik alalalalalaa

  3. leechon : hye to you too :)

    sHa : mmg kronik...adaker mimpi pasal film kalau mimpi pegi menembak logik lagik...

    mmg heaven on earth! kenapa la lomography tak bukak kedai kat mesia...kat indon ada..thailand ada..kat sini takde :(

    niniee : heheheheheh mimpi merapu neh...gamba2 baru sgt menghiburkan sudah dikomen pon :)

  4. haha....mimpi u ngeri habis babe..nasib baik u tk der buat action2 nk tangkap gambar sekali..

    kalau u buat..i bet husband u lepas ni kalau tido pon sure pakai lawa2..haha takut bini kt sebelah amik gambar dia malam2 tgh tido..

  5. Mr N Mrs Imran : Setakat nih i tak penah lagi sleep walking babe...hehehehehhe mmg ngeri la kalau tgh tdo bleh plak pi amik gamba.

    Tu dah masuk kategori obses tu...heh mcm la i tak obses kan...lalalalala


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