Review : Agfa Vista (35mm, 400 iso)

I bought 10 rolls of 12 exposureS Agfa Vista from eBay a couple of months ago but only had a chance to play with it recently. Previously, I had read some not so good comments about the film but was determined not to believe in everything I read without first trying it out myself. So here we go.

I thought that I would get back grainy photos since it is a 400 iso film but I was wrong. The colors are not as bold or bright but enough saturation to my liking of an old skool photos with washed out colors. When coupled with the vintage Russian camera Fed 5B it shows lights leak on the edges of the photo which is kinda cool.

And yes with 400 iso I don't have to fret out if suddenly the sun decided to go into hiding. I think it will works perfect tho I still have to experiment with the situation in hands

Generally I love it - Agfa Vista. It's a keeper and well maybe I should order more on eBay soon!






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