Sports Day Memories

All my life I had never been looking forward to attend sports day
Every time I heard the word - I cringed
I really hate it!

While I knew most of my friends couldn't help themselves
But really looking forward to the event
Obviously because more time will be spend on the field
Practicing and perfecting their skills

I wish I was invisible
So the PE teacher could not force me to run mile and miles
And well made me looks like an idiot!
It's actually a legal excuse to skip one or two boring morning classes
So why not rite?
But that is definitely not me.
I'm not a nerd but seriously classes is better than the field

It was Alia sports day
When she woke me up
Asking me to come around to her sports day that Saturday morning
I jumped excitedly at the news
Hurry myself to get ready so that I would not miss a thing
I knew it going to be fun
And how could you say "NO" to adorable kids
Like them?










For this event
I choose my most reliable point and shoot camera
So I don't have to fuss around with the setting
And missed any beautiful moments
I couldn't be much happier

[me] - photographed by Alia

camera : Vivitar UWS
film : Kodak E200 expired


  1. oh..u know me rite..i really love to read entry that remind me of my childhood days..

    now betul2 rasa nk carik gambar i tgh bersukan kalau ada..hehe

    i kinda love sports masa sekolah rendah, but secondary school...i wish i was invisible too...

  2. mcm best jek.
    kaler ngancamm~

    akak, redscale nye film tak amek lg.
    fuh, debar sggh rasenye.

  3. Mr N Mrs Imran : Yuppp...i knew it this will attract you hahahahaha...tolong la post gamba masa skolah2 mesti lawak tgk balik

    pastu i pk2 balik masa form 1-3 sekolah i takde hari sukan but i actually didn't mind kalau kena main bola jaring, basketball and seumpamanya. In fact, we used to have a great time main netball masa lower form for fun.

    yg i tak ske acara balapan mcm lompat pagar la, lompat tinggi la...400mm la...u got the idea kan i mmg fail ok!

    asal ada acara yg kena b'lari mmg la i nk sgt jd invisible hehehehehhe tak kuasa tau!

    sHa : nasib baik jadi sbb masa menembak ni ari mcm mendung2...tu ada yg underexposed...gelap!

    takyah risau! mesti jadinyer sbb gamba org yg masa kita outing ari tuh semer ok jer :)

  4. so sweet:D meriah la...eheehe pastuh makciknyer memalu plak bergmbr:P...sekali sekala amik gmbr camnih mmg besh!

  5. acara balapan..i pon fail babe..

    lepas tu sapa tk terer acara balapan ni..mmg dilupakan la masa2 sukan ni..wpun dia terer melangit dalam kelas.

    i terer lari dalam guni jek..hehe

    tapi kan..masa i form 4, i menang third place acara penthatlon..itu pon masuk sbb kene paksa dgn senior..siot betul!


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