Love Nest

I don't know about you but for me having to write an entry without posting any photo is just the same like you were asking me to stand in public "naked". Because without photos I have to write and tell people more about myself. And well believe it or not - that's not easy for me to do. Which is also the reason why you saw my feet more often than my face in a photo. I'm just happy now being invisible!

Today anyway... that's what I'm gonna - talk more about myself because ..."I'm basically broke now"...excuse me what did you just said? "so what does being broke gotta do with a blog entry huh?"

Being broke means.... all the films have to take the back seat since the  priority now is high on trying to make our "love nest" as livable as possible (furnishing it with the little leftover we got in our pockets) thus rolls and rolls of films will not be developed till I get paid again perhaps... in another week! Sigh!

The story is...the husband is now back for a month or so and as usual; when he's around...suddenly life is brimming with activities again. First there was my lil' sister's wedding and then it was his lil' brother's turned, and right after that we went for "love nest hunting" and we were lucky that we found one that we love in a place called XYZ! in just couple of nest viewing.

It's now officially that we had once again had a place to call our "love nest" yeay! (never mind that it was not really ours! - it will do for now). I am really glad that we could play house /"pondok-pondok" again (after a year we left Dublin) - quoted from one of his auntie. Heeeeeee.

I might also have to slow down on the photos these few weeks or maybe months to come (god forbid!)...but on the other hand am looking forward to create my own darkroom! or a minilab! But tell me really how could I stop shooting when I have my own minilab?

The other day, one of the gentleman in flickr offered to do a demo for BnW film developing and I was almost yelping while reading his mail! And that's where the idea came up basically to have my own darkroom. It sounds really fun isn't it and a also a perfect timing since I had now moved into our own place!

Other than that, I am also looking forward to hunt down retro secondhand furniture...I saw in IKEA few pieces that I really love to have but they are out of our budget  :(. How I wish we got some kind of flea market here which sells furniture like in the UK/France.  Does anyone knows any other places selling secondhand retro furniture? Let me know yeah!

So there you...pardon me for my absence lately. And check out in a week or so for new photos (hopefully) meanwhile I'm gonna make myself comfortable standing naked in the crowds :)...

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  1. Haip!! Ini pon sudah bagus kiranya update seperti ini. Keep it up Lina (apa ntah masalah aku nie hehehehe).

    Weh Little Penang pon kena tunda ke sebab broke? Sabar je lah!


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