My Lil' Sister Wedding

It was my little sister wedding last two weekends, basically I had been very busy running all over the place from Nilai to Bachok . It was exhaustive indeed! But hey ...looking back at these photos I knew it has been a memorable one and I felt so happy for my lil' sis.



[3] she called her princess

A little bit more about the wedding that I would love to highlight is the fact that being a "Johorean" family (after my mom) means a wedding wouldn't be as complete without having the bridegroom to pay for tolls before he could claims for his seat on the "pelamin" beside the bride and celebrated by all!

[4] the first toll - second cousin

[5]"I would do anything for love" - said he

[6] the second toll - cousins

But don't get us wrong - money is not the big deal here! but just some drama to add into the event might not hurt! Seeing the groom sweating while trying to fork out money from his pocket is really priceless.

[7] the last one is the most expensive toll - and more cousins

[8]finally - the newlyweds

Last but not least
I would love to congratulate the newlyweds
Wadi and Ita
May both of you will be blessed with happiness
And all the best for the coming future!

camera : Vivitar 35EE
film : Agfa Vista 400 expired


  1. ah, the tolls. I never get to see them these days. increasingly people are dropping the old ways for the new westernized ways (cutting the cake, etc).

    wonderful pics, btw. I don;t know why but i like the second pic best =)

  2. the tolls is one of the best part in johorean wedding another one is ghazal and joget lambak...which is really rare now sayang btol!

    anyway thanks for dropping by ihsan and yeah i tot the 2nd photo r overexposed funny that somebody else love it :)


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