Wadi & Ita

Had been wanting so much to shoot wedding outdoor. And finally got my chance during my lil' sister big day recently...While I enjoy directing the newlyweds  - they are obviously uncomfortable to be put into action and force to pose  in public but both are sporting enough to play along with us.

Besides, it's not everyday that I got the chance to make them do stuff like this  for me. So why not ehhh?





"Wadi and Ita"

I really had fun and was actually hoping that we could do another round of outdoor shoot in Bachok  (which is Wadi hometown) the following week after the reception on our family side. Unfortunately, the weather is not in favor of us. I noticed that the scenery along Pantai Irama is awesome despite the facts that it was raining with loads of coconut trees lining along the beach.

Maybe one fine day I should just pack my bag and made another trip to the east coast (tho' the idea sounds a little bit impossible now... to visit Kelantan again without any solid reasons). Well...who knows! - i might get lucky!

I still got another roll from this outing - laying around in my bag but never made it to the lab. Will post it here once it's ready! All rite?

camera : Holga GCFN
film : Kodak E200 x-processed


  1. this is my first time seeing an outdoor pengantin shot in lomo!

    the same can be said about putrajaya in lomo =)

    thanks for sharing ^^

  2. yer kak...shoot more on wedding lomography!...nmpk classic:)


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