Home Alone

Did you know how heart broken it will be to come home to an empty home?
I didn't realize it
Until my other half left today....
(for work)

I honestly don't know why I'm crying
Is it because he wouldn't be around for the next two months
Or the fact that I will be stuck in this empty lonely place 
(which reminds me very much him)

One thing for sure
It feels so wrong that I couldn't find him waiting for me when I come home from work
Which made me feels sad
I wish I don't have to come home
God help!


  1. i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......that feeling...aku juer baru ditinggalkan tadi...

  2. Ms.Lilies : mimi...kurang2 ko balik ada gak bdk2 to distract...

    aku balik umah gelap kosong and senyap sepi rasa mcm nk tutup pintu balik terus pegi tempat lain...tak sanggup nak masuk dowhh...sedey!

    ninie : no worry...2, 3 ari lagi ok la...when i came back to senses

  3. oh u poor thing..:(

    2 months away? omggggg..kesian u la. nnt i balik kl lepas pantang..jalan2 ada mau? like dulu2..:)

  4. Mrs Imran :Awwwww you're such a sweetie...of course la mahu...i'll be looking forward to meet little Ichiro too :)


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