Friday Freedom Speech

I don't know about you (yes I know you read it's the same lame line from my entry previously ...) once upon a time I was determined to live in the city. It is once the place I want to be in...and I thought will makes me malls an cinemas, restaurants and fast foods, entertainment, fashion and life all spruced in the city...and you name it there's no way I could live without all these.

Fast forward 5 years later, as much as I hate to admit it - I now hate (like really...really hate) the maddening traffic and reckless moron drivers, overcrowded and huge malls that I don't really care to visit anymore, the hectic life, skyrocketing prices and the almost non existence of weekdays except for work....the moment you open your eyes you are already in the auto cruise mode...and that would be typical 5 consecutive days in a row - BORING!

Well maybe you don't give a damned! But when you don't always have your other half by your side like 24/7. This all would mean a world to have quality time spend together. Because even though the husband is on holidays  now (unfortunately  I'm not!) . I only got the chance to be with him like for few hours after work before I hit the snooze button. I'm too tired most of the days and sometimes had even to stay back late which even shorten the time that we could spend together.

I don't cook anymore for dinner and I stop exercising as well because it was dark  and late when I reached home, we had our dinner elsewhere most of the time, we both gain weight from the poor diet (fast food anyone?), we had to pay to get fit by buying more food supplements, enroll to a gym (as if)...and so forth just to compensate the poor quality of lifestyle we're running. Like WTF? Who am I kidding? my own self obviously?

Don't you feel envy of people who gets home at 5.00 p.m. and reached home  less than 15 minutes later, had a chance to bring the children to playground in the evening, went for a walk along the beach or gardening or fishing or jogging or anything to your pleasure and later had a nice hot home cook meal for dinner and get to spend more time with the family after that? I do!

Maybe I'm just getting old

Photos that might not be related to the post but enjoy it 

Pantai Penunjuk

almost dusk


getting ready

his passion

where I wanna be every evening

camera: Holga GCFN
film : Kodak UC and Kodak Ektacolor


  1. nice series kak....:) rase ape akak rase...ehehe for about 20 yrs +++ i lived in KL(nk kongsi citer nih ehehe)...started to get bored dgn hectic kl decided to quit my job (with 24 hours noticed) i had to paid the co for about rm1k++ thank God ade savings mase tuh....and now i'm here in Tronoh...happy like a hippo...(getting fatter like a hippo too)tk menyesal dgn action yg mendadak....i feel so much happier than ever now...masa akak akan tiba...insyaAllah..tkper kak bersusah2 dulu...cari duit byk2 then pikir kat mane tmpt besh akak nk settle down...make sure it is peaceful+a small town where all the people are very friendly....ehehe...

  2. or kite try jadi cikgu...
    i think that's the safest job to be able to spend more quality time with love-one/s. ke tak?

  3. haha..mari ke bukut brogaaaa...maun?? hehe

  4. niniee :

    you're such a lucky duck

    problem is mcm terlambat...skrg byk liability which made the move seems impossible which is lebey kurang what i'm facing now...sigh!

    videL kuchiki :

    ermmmm btol kalau jd cikgu tadika mesti sgt cute dot jumpa murid2 mcm shin chan....hehehhe tapi kan bukan mcm dh terlambat ker kalau skrg ni baru nk join jd cikgu?

    amadd@nizar :

    maun2...bilakah rancangan nya ke bukut brogaa ituh?


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