Action Sampler + Vivitar UWS = Orgasm!

I never had the patience to do a double exposures in a roll of 36 frames. And I never had been impressed with the results of my action sampler neither. But I was dying to try it out - I'm curious! And I don't want to see another lame shot from my action sampler!

So first was the action sampler...and then I surrender the second exposure to my favorite camera the Ultra Wide Slim Vivitar. I was not hopeful though...just another experiment was all I had in my mind. This took me almost 4 months maybe more to come up with. But hey trust this..."good things really happen to those who wait!"

When I got this from the lab...
I was smiling ear to ear.
It is orgasmic.
No wonder some people took all the trouble to send a roll of film to another photogs
(half a globe away)

This spells F-U-N!
And yes will definitely do it again...
Any takers?


camera - action sampler + vivitar uws 
film - fuji superia iso 200 (double exposure)


  1. ah sudah pengsan melihat! satu je yg bleh ckp ttg series double nih....yg terbaik! superb!dua2 subject sgt clear...kesimpulannya sumer pon sy suker! Keep it up!

  2. ninie.n.(kdg2)ami :

    Jgn pengsan...ini semua "happy accident shj! "

    amik la litos...takpon supersampler ker mini diana ker...buleh kita wat double lak lps nih ninie...heheheheh racun2


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