First Year Anniversary

Nope! not our wedding anniversary today (that would be some date next month and yes I got no plan yet!) but the first year that I had been really into the lomography scene. With my very first purchase of Diana F+ just few days before Ramadhan, 2008. Ahhhhh....the feeling of finally being able to hold my own beautiful Diana is orgasmic after dreaming to own one for quite sometime!

I still remember how awkward I was - to be meddling with it in my bare hands and trying to compose a picture of the Esplanade in Singapore over the plastic view finder and later on trying to change a roll of 120 that I had never seen before all my I easily forget over excitement to turn the advance knob before the next shot and I ended with multiple exposure during Teppanyaki session with the girls :) (silly me!)

It was all a very heart warming experience and I thanks god for all these blessings...I ended  this first year meeting lots of cool people like niniee, sha and ripsta who are just like me - is going bananas over lomography! Seriously, at first it was just a mere craziness over cute colorful plastic cameras but now most of the time I would think about my life and people around me and how it would looks like to be captured in a 120 film! Crazy yes...but once you're in, there's definitely no turning back :)

So as a present to my ownself. For the wonderful first anniversary and all the joy and happiness that LOMO has contributed to my life. I bought a Mini Diana to mark the glorious year I had gone through! And so that my lovely Diana F+ wouldn't feel so lonely anymore thehehehehehe (wicked i know!)...but who could resist a cute camera like this?

say hi to my new Mini Diana

The Diana Siblings


  1. I'm sure you don't need to attach those heavy adaptors haha happy shooting! i can't wait to see your shots with it! :]

  2. happy anniversary!!:)...sooo cute...cpt2 shoot kak ngan mini diana....wanna see the result..lalalalala

  3. leah :

    me too...i really can't wait to go out and try this mini diana :)

    niniee :

    Thanks...heeee harap2 adalah mood nak gi shooting wikens nih HOHOHOHO

  4. kak jual lomo ke skrg? hehe..btw selamat berposee

  5. amadd : hahahahaha pandai jek...mana ada jual...saja nak racun pelawat2 blog nih :)


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