Konica Chrome Centuria

If you love grainy photos
Shabby colors
Old school looks
Then this one film is really what you should load into your camera!

[a]grainy is nice!

[b]shabby hut

[c]small hut


[e]swirly stuff again - a happy accident!

[f] that's me in blue heh!

[g]boy vs. girl?


i love it!

camera : White Slim Angel
film : Konica Chrome Centuria (iso 200) x-pro


  1. ahhhh series yg besh!...the swirl yg paling kagum:)...n your self portrait love the blue sky...pape pon inih series yg besh!

  2. kite suke gamba yg 1st, kak!
    rendu nak menembak ngn akak.

  3. ninie.n.(kdg2)ami :

    hahahahah thanks! sebenarnya saja nk try camner ruper kalau pakai film konica chrome (slide nih)...kesimpulannya utk film ni iso 200 pon kena tembak masa ari panas baru kaler naik...mcm org nyer gamba self-potrait tuh...kalau tak jd gelap...

    tp tones dia mmg seswai utk gamba nk bg nampak old skool

    sHa :

    Haaaaaaa tulah asik bz jer plak org tu masa org tgh free nih... :(

    rendu jgk nk menembak dgn sha!

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  6. Les Deux :

    i had visited ur blog! it's cool perhaps i will place orders soon :)

    and thanks...for the invite, i would be interested will get in touch soon!


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