Kuala Sepetang Visit

I had always wanted to visit this place
Ever since it got covered in Majalah 3
Sometimes ago...
But seriously the reason I wanted to visit this place
Is not because of the attractions
But for the food!

If you love prawns and noodles
Then this is the place to visit!

i love to go for a ride on that bicycle

the face of a scale

take a break!

scale and stuff


holga leaks!

fly trap!

And if you wonder why I did not post any food photos here
Is because...
I'm hungry and I can't function properly
When the stomach is empty
Never the less, it was yummy!

camera : Holga GCFN
film : Kodak E-200 and Kodak UC


  1. that scale looks soo sad~ I want to give it a hug to make it happy haha
    love the first 3 photos! :]

  2. i love it all:)...look oldies la kak gbmr2 nih sumer!suker:D

  3. leah :

    hahahahaha i think yes u shud go and hug the scale m'be it would give a broad smile after that :)

    Thanks for the nice words babe!

    ninie :

    thanks ninie...mana pg lama senyap ekk?

  4. ader mmg tk sempat nk online..skang cuti skolah..kelas dr pg sampai week ok dh kot:)+ bebudak dh nk upsr..

  5. hey babe! i actually fell in love with the photo of the jetty and the bicycle!! nice effect jgk!! sangattt cantik! :) kudos to you babe!! xxx


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