Red Ipoh

While I was writing this...maybe some of you are rushing out of the office and into one of those Ramadhan Bazaar (now mushrooming almost everywhere except here in Mont Kiara). You know what? How I wish I am in the same shoe as yours! Unfortunately I'm not!

I'm still in the office with lotsa things to do but not so much concentration left for the day. Plus I'm freezing and badly consume with hunger and seriously I can't think straight right now!

So how about if I stop complaining and share some photos. Agree? I thought I had more but I really don't understand why in the end there's only four photos! Hrrrrrmmmmm....

 reminds me of my holga with sprockets shot

Ipoh Wet Market


thrice wonder i had only four shots in Ipoh

I also understand now...
"Velvia" will looks better when used during a hot sunny day!
Too bad this is the last roll in my collection

camera - Holga GCFN
film - Fuji Velvia iso 100 x-pro


  1. kak! nih pensan teros nih huhhu...suker contrast colour no 1...ala2 HDR...but yours nicer:)...fav all of it:D...India ke bangla kt kedai plastic tuh enter frame ahahaha...4 shots yg berbaloi2!!!...11 thumbs up!ehehe

  2. ripsta.kekadang aripAugust 27, 2009 at 7:17 PM

    wachaa........nice weh
    ni je ke yg jadik?

    ninie...bile mau develop ??

  3. alamak otai sudah week insyaAllah:)

  4. Wanita,

    each time u develop gambar ni, kedai tu terus copy (scan) the photos into Cd ker or you scan sendiri? Beriku pencerahan pls

  5. ninie :

    hahahhaha ini roll berkat bangla interframe wakakakakaka...

    arip :

    ada lagi yg gelap... yg focusing hampeh...dan yg bukan kat ipoh...nanti aku upkan kat fb :)

    sHa :

    sha...sha r u ok? hehehehehe

    zain :

    a'ah btol la tuh...aku selalu suruh dia develop, scan pastu burn kat cd :)

    kalau ada scanner sendiri buleh suruh dia develop jer pastu scan sendiri...tapi aku takde scanner :(...mcm mahal jer scanner kat mesia nih


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