Charcoal Factory, Kuala Sepetang

It is said the best charcoal in Perak (or is it Malaysia?), comes from a placed called Kuala Sepetang . Some fifteen years ago I swear had been in this same place. That was when I was merely 15 in one of  my-boring-but-it-was-compulsory-school-trip. Back then I showed no interest at all to how they process the mangrove logs into charcoal nor the place. It's pitch black and muddy and hot well what possibly could a 15 years old like about a place as such? Nadaaa!!!

Fast forward 15 years and all that had changed, the idea first trigger me when I saw in one of  our local photography forum photos of the-very-same-old-charcoal-factory. One thing for sure it doesn't changed that much from what I could recalled. But now out of nowhere I found that there's something interesting to be photographed of that place - I saw in the forum children dipped into the muddy river banks with wide smile on their faces, old haggard charcoal production barns and sheds and details  in amazing black and white photos.

I knew in that instant I should revisited the place and well hopefully would be able to capture something nice out of the trip. So off we went (I managed to drag ninie and ripsta into my scheme heh!) but first stop is the famous prawn noodle that had been covered in one of the local television documentary. Yummy especially when I had not my breakfast just to make space for the delicacies that evening.

Obviously that evening when we were there - unfortunately there were no kids playing by the river bank but nevertheless there is still so much to see and well if you're into photography I'm sure you could find a lot of angle and facade and things to be captured - the hot furnace, production details  in chalk on blackboards,   rows and rows of logs, the blazing hot shed and well I guess you got the picture.

Here's my take and just when I thought I had covered all angles I wonder why on earth did I stopped at two rolls when I could have more? Sigh!







camera : Holga GCFN
film : Agfapan APX iso 100

More photos in colors are here
Niniee's photos is here
Ripsta's photos is here


  1. haish.
    ntah bile kt dpt pegi sane ntah.
    isk3. sedih.

    nampak mcm abandoned la tempat ni.
    tak kan kak?

  2. not abandoned....mmg tmpt camnih....kebetulan air tk pasaang...:)...not quite active that time sbb mase sampai dorg tgh bakar...mayb next time kiter tgu sampai dh abis bakar ehehe...i love it all...sumernyer fav saya...

    p/s:next time kiter sampai sini mesti ader sha skali k...and shoot bykkkkkkkkkkk roll:D

  3. Salam..
    Good picture... saya akan gi ke Kuala Sepetang hujung minggu nie... u org sana ker ? jumapa website u nie sebab google Kuala Sepetang.

  4. Mohd Rasfan :


    Thanks for dropping by :) saya bukan org Port Weld...cuma pernah sekolah menengah kat Taiping

    Enjoy ur trip ke sana...mmg seronok shoot kat kilang arang ni...untung2 air pasang ada bdk2 mandi manda...

  5. Just came back from kuala sepetang for assigment... nice place there..


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