I'm a tomato soup sucker...

But I had never prepare one on my own. Because once upon a time in Dublin I could easily get fresh tomato soup (in fact not only tomato soup but almost anything from mushroom to chicken soup) on the shelves of any supermarket or convenience stores. My favorite is from one of the local deli in Rathgar village, unfortunately I can't remember the name of the shop now :(

I will have a serving of tomato soup every other day during lunch time with soda bread. It was yummy against the cold and windy Irish weather!!!

When I came home all the routine has been stopped. Simply because it's not really our culture here to have sandwiches and soup during lunch time. Just a notion here : funny how we the Asian people craved for hot served food even though it's scorching hot at noon and the same goes to how did people in the West eat cold sandwich in a cold weather?

Moreover, there is no such thing as fresh soup being sell in our local supermarket. The one in cans taste really bad some are artificially sweet and well that is unacceptable to my taste buds. And I refuse to dine in restaurant just to have a bowl of tomato soup in a every time I felt like having one...unnecessary don't you think?

Frustrated I was. I am determined that one fine day I shall make one of my own. So tonight ... I braved myself into the kitchen with a recipe in hand that I thought would work fine (and it delivers). In few minutes and a wee adjustment to the soup to turn it into my liking and hey presto!

Not too bad for a first try out...ain't it?
The only thing missing is my soda bread but tonight a wholemeal bread will do!

Errrmmmm do you have a tomato soup recipe to share?

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