The Late News

Don't know where to begin with. If you're anticipating photos then am really sorry because I had no photos taken during the Eid. To be frank I was not looking forward for the celebration neither. But I definitely rejoiced the fact that I don't have to go to work for a whole sweet one week. Woohoo!

My other half was also not around this year Eid and then the sad departure of my little kitten Adik. At first I don't really mind that he was not here at but the night when I lost Adik...I really wish he was here to comfort me and said everything will be OK soon.

Most importantly so that, I don't have to dig out Adik grave myself while crying myself out and perspire madly like I had just been running for miles and miles being chase by a rabies dog. I also might accidentally attract unnecessary attention (people might thought I was digging grave for my aborted baby said one of my sis). Luckily no one noticed me because it was mid night when I finally laid him to rest nearby the playground...I thought this way he will not feel so lonely down under hearing the kids laughter every evening...(as if)

So for now, it's just me and Becky. The first few days she had been meowing around calling for her partner in crime. To no avail of course. She made me felt guilty. Sigh!  I was really scared one day out of boredom she will just jump out of the window of the third story just to experience what's it feels like flying (not really because of depression nor being lonely).

Becky Boo

her fav hang out palce is by the window

But I know she is the independent life goes on. However, she craved lots of attention lately (usually they will be too busy planning their next move that they hardly noticed I was also staying in the aprtment...except when it is breakfast or dinner time heh!). So I just play along. anyway. She sat besides me on the couch and asked me to scratch her back and her chin and her head...when I watched TV and follow me around the house.

I also have to let her in my bedroom every night (which used to be their out of boundary)...with hope  that I could replaced the time lost when I went to work  and left her home alone. Like Jolie, Becky is also a nocturnal lot. She would kiss me and chase my every movement so that I have to let her out  instead and shut my bedroom door to sleep peacefully.

Hrmmmm maybe I should get her another friend to tag along.
What do you think?
It's not too soon isn't it?

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  1. its sad...but its not too soon...u always can get as many as you want anytime:)....dh besar becky...kt rumah nih pon 3 ekor anak kucing makin besar...if u want one i can arrange that:)


so what do you think?