Dream Land : This Is Where I Wanna Be!

Dear readers, if you ever wonder the reason of my absence of late that is because I'm facing a mental block (a serious one I might said based on the period of time I had not been out shooting and the lack of update in here ).

Frankly, I felt really out of sync with all my toys  (they feels like total stranger in my hands and act very differently indeed) and starting to collect more and more dust now just like the state of this blog! Terrible I know...But for now let's all forget about that and once again dive into my dream world - the place that I which I could stay like forever!






camera - Holga GCFN
film - Fuji Provia 400


  1. akak.
    jom la outing.
    nak pegi melakaaa!

  2. sHa:

    buleh...buleh...nanti sha bgtau bila..tapikan kalau nk pegi melaka bulan dpn kot...bulan ni mcm dh full

    ninie.n.(kdg2)ami :
    heh thanks...mmg gila lama tak menembak abis semer lintang pukang...mcm dh tak reti nak amik gamba pon ada kdg2 tuh


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