Ermi & Shahrin : Pre Wed

First and foremost....
I would love to thanks Ninie for the invite and next is the newlyweds for the opportunities!
And for your trust in films, vintage and toy cameras

Ermi and Shahrin



no longer a dream!

soon to be wed

Phhhewww! frankly it's easier said than done ( it used to be for fun but now I'm doing it to please others and that condition itself put a huge different in the atmosphere that  gloomy afternoon). I was fidgeting most of the time (I'm so sure) and almost clueless about what should I do next, especially when I had  been in a long haul from any photo shoot since Ramadhan in September?

And true to my expectations, I ended up ruining most of my films but these few shot. However, one thing that I learn for sure : it's not all about my skills in capturing a good photos but more about bringing out the best from both parties i.e. the photographers and the models in my case this time is the newlywed...(whom I mat for the first time on the set).

How to influence strangers to be at ease with you on your first meeting?
To break the ice in the shortest time?
To pose naturally?
Maybe next time...
(I figure out how)

But now I'm wondering
If there's still any gamblers out there - for a next session?


  1. your photos turned out nice!! i like the 3rd pic, look like movie poster! HAHA!! check out my lomo photos at my blog too yeah!!

  2. droppin frm innit! nice! i like! :)

  3. I like the 1st picture!! =) Keep it up!

  4. Dropped by from innit. The whole concept is really nice :D

  5. wow, this is something new to me. Lomo pre-wedd? nice concept!

  6. ALI JOE :

    hey...glad that you love it...i guess it's all is a matter of preference :)

    will be visiting you soon...!

    Kathlynn :

    you make me smile :)

    Janicia :

    =) awwwww thanks babe!

    LeneLene :

    thanks for your time to drop by here and commented...really appreciate it!


    you just wait... i got outdoor wedding photo shoot coming soon here...check it out later yeah!


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