Gakkenflex TLR

When I got no photos to upload or share...that is when I go blog hopping!

So I went here and found out sample photos of the Gakkenflex TLR  finally and I knew it (for sure) this time around "I MUST HAVE IT!" (Yup I saw it last month or so on this blog but was not so tempted at that point of time because  it was kinda troublesome looking at the diagrams/instructions written in Japanese).

Now i know it's just awfully too sweet and irresistible...the Japanese thingy ermmm I could not be bothered! (at least until I finally got the camera) :)

Just in case, you're still unaware of it...Gakkenflex TLR is a DIY project - which basically means it comes in bits and pieces and instructions and we have to assemble it our self! Fun isn't it?

But after, checking out otonanokagaku (the camera website) - the item status  stated that it has been discontinued. And another check into my bank account reveals this agenda really have to wait! So how? Blog hop some more...I said!

And next,  I found these two blogs which offer the Gakkenflex as a gift to their lucky reader. Exciting huh? You could either go here or here for more info on how you could win that Gakkenflex TLR. Don't you love Christmas when everyone is in the mood to give? I do!

Now...let's pray that I'm in luck and win that Gakkenflex TLR
My perfect Christmas gift 
Please god....
I want one!


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  2. Time to buy! Ho ho ho! Xmas is here!


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