These are few photos that were shot during our short break in Pangkor last November. God knows how desperately I needed this although the original plan had to be down graded but I can't complaint. Something is definitely better than nothing at all! Don't you think?

As long as I got the chance to get out of KL and work especially...let me hair down and the steam off ...I will be happy enough. We were in luck to get there just before the monsoon hit the shore and the school break when the place get jammed packed...The timing was perfect and in short we really had a blast time!

The last day was totally awesome. The sun was shining and we were out there the whole day - snorkeling,  swimming, island hopping, shooting photos, fishing and well it was all about having fun! Owhhh yeah...forget to mention that the seafood there is yummm and cheap as what else could we asked for ehhh?









It was raining though, the whole time on our journey home. Not a really good way to end the holidays but since we were fully recharged it was not a big issue.  Except that, now looking back at the photos I wish I could plan another holiday like soon enough!

Camera : Superheadz White Slim Angel
Film : Solaris Ferrania 100


  1. haih beshnyer....yup mmg tk nafikan seafood di pangkor mmg murah...n sdeap:D..biler la nk g pangkor lagi nih:)...nice shot and colour:D

  2. lagi best sbb ada tukang pancing ikan yg tak makan ikan hehehehhe hantar kedai tlg masak jer!

    pegila ninie bukan jauh pon pangkor tuh :)


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