Hello Kitty Analogue Cameras

I'm really not a fan of Hello Kitty...yes it's cute and pink and red and nothing wrong about that but somehow it's just not my kind of cartoon (although I love cats cartoon character like Garfield and Hitchcliffe). On the other hand, when Hello Kitty appears on a camera. It all automatically become really interesting and desirable subject!

Seriously...tell me, especially if you're a girl/woman. After looking at these camera you will at least say "WOW! it's cute" and some deep part inside of you are wishing that at least you could own one of those. Well...if you don't...I do!

This is another wicked product of Superheadz. If you're trying to be savvy with your films then trust me, this is really a camera for you! because it's a half frame format camera. Means you get 72 photos out of 36 exposures film.

Since I had sold my Diana Mini (because I'm not patient enough to wait till no.72 on the dial to turned up) this one seems to be a perfect substitute  (it's too cute isn't it?) tho' am not sure if they will ship it here in Malaysia. Otherwise, you could go and bug Adrian of The Clickshop on when he will get this cutsie to KL.

Exhibit B - Hello Kitty Mini 25

This particular one is an instant camera by Fuji and I think it is quite pricey. You could easily search the item on e{vil} Bay seling around RM450 onwards (or about 140USD and above). For just a camera with a small Hello Kitty sticker on the corner. Sigh! Or you might search it on lomography website.

The packaging box is much cuter ehhh don't you think? But if money is not an objection know what you should do rite?

Exhibit C - Polaroid 600 Hello Kitty

The cutest and the rarest of them all. I saw this one on Japan Exposures recently. And well cute camera as such will be grab up fast. Status is sold on the website! Too bad tho...check it out here.

Owwhhhhh well just something for your to feast your eyes on this slow Friday evening. There are loads other option of digital camera with Hello Kitty on it if you have the time go an google it! But if you found out other film camera with Hello Kitty on it do let me know yeah!

Happy Weekends People!!!


  1. akak, kite ade jumpe polaroid pink tp bkan hello kitty la. kalo akak nak tgk la eh. :)

  2. sHa :

    thanks sha...ok org nak pi tgk link tu skrg :)


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