Holga 120 SF & Cmeha 35

It's has been awhile since I last post anything about the latest addition to my toy camera clan. The last post was about Mr Windsor - which I bought after I sold my Diana F+ (bye! bye! love) huhuhuhuhu.

Then I bought an Olympus MJU II (zoom 80) sold my Fed 3 and my white slim angel. And bought these two, Holga 120 SF and Cmeha /Smena 35...owhhh and another SLR when I visited Lokin last few weeks just because I desperately wanted the lens :)

And I discover it is an addictive thing to do - "selling toy cameras". At first I thought only shopping/buying/hunting for toy and vintage cameras is an addiction but now I'm looking forward to sell more stuff or even helping out poor soul who is looking/cluelessly searching to buy their first LOMO/toy camera  which really gave satisfaction for me (but that my friend will be discuss in a different topic all together).

So back to the cameras, a little bit bout the Holga 120 SF - it is  among the first few version of Holga which been made available with a built in flash... now it is said that they had totally halted production of the camera series over better version of Holga.

I got mine from e{vil}Bay with a note that the flash of this camera is not functioning. But upon some cleaning of the leaking battery it fires just fine. Yeay!!!

However the lens barrel focusing seems to be stuck which the seller failed to mention before. Grrrrrr.....but it's darn cheap so whatever! It could only goes up to the second mark (2m focusing) and that's it. Wonder if this could be fixed? Anyone?

Holga 120 SF doesn't have bulb mode function and without any tripod mount neither. And unlike my Holga 120 GCFN this one come with plastic lens which supposed to produce even dreamier image but without the B mode. I wonder how could I produce a blurry/dreamy images like I used to do?

Next is the Cmeha 35 (pronounced as Smena). Which is a bargain and found on e{vil}Bay as well.  So I just bid on it and won. I simply adore the russion LOMO sign on the lens cap and near the lens - cause it is really cool! Well we'll see what this camera could produce soon. Which reminds me I have a Smena 8M and I still haven't try it out yet...opppsssss!

So for now let's make plan
To go out and shoot to try out these two!
Any takers?


  1. wow...smena 35 beli kat mne?lokin?

  2. beli dr ebay, kamera ni seller dia dok kat ukraine nun...ada sket bau2 russia :)

  3. kak.
    kat sunway ade satu kdai jual holga kak.
    mcm kaler. wuhu heavennn!!

  4. sha :

    ha'ah ari tu ada sampai kat blog kedai tuh...tapi tak bookmark lak :)

    sha dh pegi ekk tgk?

  5. dulu guna smena 35 (skang dah hancur). kena pandai "guesstimate" kalau tak focusing & composition mesti lari jauh. all the best!

  6. johannaffendy:

    thanks for the "guesstimate" tips johann!


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