WINDSOR : the debut

I fall in love with Mr. Windsor
and he prove it to me it's all gonna be worth every single cents of mine!
Here we go...

Random facts about my Mr. Windsor

a) It produces loud sounds every time I advance the film
"crack...crack...crack" - quirky but I love it!

b) Unlike Diana F+ I can't choose 12 or 16 frames with Mr. Windsor
Because there's only 16 frames so just enjoy it!

c) It got vignettes and little bit leaks on top of the frame
But I'm gonna keep that and will never fixed it
More quirky points here!

d) No hot shoe but never mind
Get ready with the right film and a tripod to play with the B mode
Wait I don't think Mr.Windsor has a tripod thread

So use your imagination and never stop at the quirkiness of Mr. Windsor
This guy is all about fun! fun! fun!


  1. yeah sure it is fun using it eh?...superb mr. windsor:D...and again i love this series kak!

  2. haloo saya juga pakai windsor! :D
    bagus2 hasilnyaa...!

  3. mana ada dapat cam tu?teringin nak layan WINDSOR..:)

  4. Aelfi :


    ninie.n.(kdg2)amin :

    tulah sib baik dia tak leak gila mcm diana f+...berbaloi2 jual diana f+ beli windsor :)

    ahleng ariKen :


    ixwan omar :

    aku ada contact sorg mamat baru2 ni kat dlm mudah...dia ada windsor nak jual harga dia letak rm180 (tak tau la bleh tawar ke tak)...try la pi tgk kat mudah.

    takpon last 2 weeks pi cari kat Lokin pon ada org jual windsor nih...

    JellyPlayground :

    hello! wah...hasil dr windsor kamu juga cantik :)

  5. ixwan, cepat2 la snap gamba...nak tgk hasil nya ^.^


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